13 Short Facts about Whale Sharks

1) The first identified specimen measured 4.6 meters in length and was harpooned and captured on the coasts of Table Bay, South Africa, in 1828.

2) The specimen was sold for £6, and its holotype is shown at the Museum of Natural History in Paris.

3) The first scientific quotation was given the following year by Andrew Smith, a military doctor linked to the British Army, which was stationed in the City of C Abo.

4) In 1849 he published a more detailed description of the species. It was assigned the name of “whale shark” because of the physiology of the fish since it is a shark, but it has a size comparable to that of a whale.

5) In the Vietnamese religion, it is revered as a deity, and it is called “Ca Ong,” which means “Lord fish.”

6) This species, despite its enormous size, poses no danger to the human being.

7) It is a very cited example of the fame that sharks have of people devouring. In fact, they are quite affectionate, and they are usually playful with divers.

8) There are even reports, although unconfirmed, of whale sharks that come to the surface upside down for the diver to scratch their belly and eliminate the parasites.

9) In Western Australia, they have become the focal points of the ecotourism industry.

10) The largest concentration of whale sharks in the world is in the Philippines.

11) Between January and May, they are grouped in the shallow shores of Donsol, in the province of Sorsogon.

12) Some very fortunate divers have found whale sharks in Puerto Rico, in the Dominican Republic and the Seychelles Islands.

13) Sometimes they are accompanied by small fish, like the remora.

By Abe Khao Lak - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link