13 SHort Facts about Bull Sharks

1) The Bull shark or Zambesi shark is a kind of Elasmobranchii carcharhiniform.

2) It is one of the few sharks that goes up the estuaries to reach freshwater.

3) It comes to measure up to 3.4 m long.

4) It is also found in the Zambezi, Africa (for what is also called Shark of Zambezi).

5) It feeds on all kinds of animals, including other sharks.

6) It can be dangerous for humans because it hunts in places where people often swim.

7) The ability of this shark to enter fresh water is thanks to a particular gland they have in the kidney that allows them to contain salt water in their body and expel fresh water, which would be fatal to other species of sharks.

8) These sharks can be kept in rivers, lagoons, and estuaries for about a year or more, which allows them to get closer to the human being.

9) A study of 2012 revealed that the bull shark is the shark with the highest bite force with about 612 kg of power for an adult specimen.

10) It is known that this shark in mating times is one of the animals with the highest levels of testosterone, even higher than those of a male African elephant, which makes it an extremely territorial animal.

11) The mothers of the bull sharks give birth in the estuaries, where the offspring grow and develop to reach a larger size and then go out into the sea.

12) They do not have a reputation of devouring men as exaggerated as that of its relative, the white shark (Carcharodon charas), but its capacity to enter into rivers and shallow waters, where it hunts, make this shark the responsible for most human attacks.

13) The ISAF counts, between 1580 to the present day, a total of 100 confirmed attacks of the bull shark to the human beings.

By Pterantula, CC BY 2.5, Link